Below is just some of the great feedback that we get:

"Samuel loves the wrap and so do all our family. Wrapping is something I have never found easy but the Baby Origami wrap overcomes that not just for me but for all Samuels carers. "
Leanne Cooper
"After arriving home from hospital where every nurse had their own version of wrapping and my own wrapping technique fell hopelessly apart every time, the Doublewrap was just what we needed. It is a simple and logical way of wrapping that my husband and I could both do and it really helped settle Oliver, especially in those foggy early couple of months"
Kate O Connell
"We started using the Doublewrap with Oliver when he was just a couple of weeks old and it immediately appealed to me. The Doublewrap is the right shape, easy to use and really helped getting Oliver to sleep"
Tim Beresford
"All my friends had put the fear of god into to me about the sleepless nights ahead and the crying and waking during the nights. Wrapping the baby when putting him to bed struck fear into me as I was not sure how to do it, but was prepared to have a go. We where given a whole lot of wraps as presents before his birth and they where all the cotton muslin types that where quite thin and just huge pieces of cloth in pretty colours. The nurses at the hospital showed us how to do it effectively and there was quite an art to it. Our little boy was full of beans like most kids and when you are tired and he is tired, it was hard to get the so called “perfect wrap” technique. Just when you thought you had it, the little Houdini would somehow get his hands and arms free and put them right up around his face and wake himself up. Very frustrating!!! A friend of ours told us about Baby Origami, I immediately purchased one (and was prepared to pay anything for it!) it has been our saviour! The other wraps have all been retired, never to be used again. It is such a simple design and so easy for even nervous fathers like me to use. Confidence is a great mind settler when embarking on parenthood and if you can take some stress away, like wrapping your baby which in turn helps them sleep better, then bring on Baby Origami!! "
Karl Cukeric
"A trendy twist on the swaddling blanket. I have been swaddling Phoebe from birth and babies generally feel nicer and more secure at this early age when they are swaddled. Baby Origami really has made a fantastic product ...one which Phoebe is enjoying immensely as she slept for 7 hours last night!! "
Anne-Marie Sharman
"With 20 years experience in the Childrens’ services industry and 3 months experience as a new mum,I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse the ‘babyorigami doublewrap’ as the most comfortable and effective wrap on the market and an essential item for your nursery. "
Simone Brown – Early Childhood Consultant
"When my daughter was born I was given the Baby Origami Doublewrap. My friend showed me how to use it in the hospital, instantly Kiera gave this big sigh of relief and became perfectly relaxed, so of course I was hooked right from the start and bought a couple more so I was never stuck without one. But there have been a couple of times when all three were dirty (my daughter's a chucker!) and I freaked out. Frantically I threw them into the wash, while in the meantime Kiera struggled to get to sleep and stay asleep wrapped up in one of those plain square wraps that are so hard to wrap with and are forever coming undone. I love the Doublewrap because it's incredibly easy to use and always stays tight with Kiera’s hands firmly held in, unlike any other wraps I've tried to use. Plus she always sleeps fantastically. I gave one to a friend whose baby is often really unsettled and the first night she used it her baby slept for nearly eight hours straight, she was absolutely thrilled. But I think the best thing has to be that it's designed with numbers to follow that make it so easy to wrap that even my husband can use it!"
Debbie Beauman
"I just wanted to say the doublewrap is fantastic. My 4 week old kept getting out of his wrap so I found and purchased the doublewrap on line. With the alternative way of wrapping he can not escape now. thankyou thankyou thankyou."
Sally Harrison
"Baby Origami is sensational - I wasn't sure whether to use it at first as Naima was left to sleep on her back just covered with a blanket in the hospital nursery and seemed to like the access to her hands to suck, but on the 2nd night home we wrapped her up soundly according to your instructions and she slept so much more deeply and happily for longer, which of course helped Linda, Peter and especially myself do likewise! You can put me down as one happy customer! And having 2 for changing is also wonderful, so THANK YOU! "
Sarah Crawford
"Just wanted you to know that I think this is the most wonderful baby product ever invented. Thank you "
Donna Helm
"I used the Doublewraps on my baby Emma from birth up until 7 months and they have been one of the best baby products we have purchased. We had no sleeping issues right from the start and were confident that in her cot, in a separate room, Emma was snug and comfortable and couldn’t escape from her wrap, therefore not requiring our attention during the night – a Godsend for this first time Mum. I would recommend the Doublewrap to any new parents."
Kaye Cooper
"I had bought a number of wraps when pregnant with my son, as well as the Baby Origami Doublewrap. Baby origami were the only ones I ended up using. Thumbs up for an excellent product!!! "
Leda Singer
"What a fantastic wrap! I have been swaddling my daughter from birth but she was constantly waking up as she kept getting her hands out.. the little houdini! I finally found the Baby Origami wrap at 12 weeks and she is yet to make an escape! Thanks so much for your wonderful product which has resulted in 12 hours uninterrupted sleep."
Jessica Kelemen
"I thought it was about time that I wrote to you and said a massive thank you for the magnificent Doublewrap. Probably the best piece of baby 'equipment' I used for my now 13 month old. I wrapped her in the Doublewrap until she was 10 months! Right through the hottest summer on record! She loved it and so did I. I was a bit sad to see it go, as it has brought us so many peaceful nights - a MUST HAVE for anyone with a newborn. I wish I'd had one from the start! Congratulations on a fantastic product. "

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