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The Original Baby Origami Double Wrap™

Made with love and care in Australia using premium Australian organic cotton

Baby Origami Double Wrap

What is the Baby Origami Doublewrap™........

See the Baby Origami Doublewrap™ in action

Please note that the numbers are not printed on the baby wrap, they are for demonstration purposes only.

I love you even more when you are sleeping!


Samuel loves the wrap and so do all our family. Wrapping is something I have never found easy but the Baby Origami wrap overcomes that not just for me but for all Samuels carers. 

Leanne Cooper 

After arriving home from hospital where every nurse had their own version of wrapping and my own wrapping technique fell hopelessly apart every time, the Doublewrap was just what we needed. It is a simple and logical way of wrapping that my husband and I could both do and it really helped settle Oliver, especially in those foggy early couple of months.

Kate O Connell

We started using the Doublewrap with Oliver when he was just a couple of weeks old and it immediately appealed to me. The Doublewrap is the right shape, easy to use and really helped getting Oliver to sleep.

Tim Beresford

With 20 years experience in the Childrens’ services industry and 3 months experience as a new mum,I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse the ‘babyorigami doublewrap’ as the most comfortable and effective wrap on the market and an essential item for your nursery.

Simone Brown – Early Childhood Consultant

A trendy twist on the swaddling blanket. I have been swaddling Phoebe from birth and babies generally feel nicer and more secure at this early age when they are swaddled. Baby Origami really has made a fantastic product which Phoebe is enjoying immensely as she slept for 7 hours last night!!

Anne-Marie Sharman

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