Winner of Lux Life Parent & Baby Awards for "Best Organic Cotton Swaddle Wrap 2021" @_luxlifemag

Winner of Lux Life Parent & Baby Awards for "Best Organic Cotton Swaddle Wrap 2021" @_luxlifemag

About the Parent & Baby Awards
Parent & Baby Awards

As a parent, when you come across something that makes your life easier and more efficient, you need to share it with everyone! Any product or service that will help you sleep longer and feel better while providing the best possible care for your baby is worthwhile.


The parent and baby industry has seen an increase in parental concern for baby hygiene, especially as the global pandemic continues. As consumer awareness of baby hygiene increases, the demand for high-end or high-quality products encourages growth in the industry. The industry is also highly competitive, so companies have concentrated on product differentiation, innovation, and an affordable pricing structure.

LUXlife is proud to announce the Parent and Baby Awards 2021. This programme has been running for three consecutive years. This year, we will honour businesses and individuals who have excelled in the industry by delivering the best products and services. The award programme actively welcomes all businesses and professionals, from baby toiletries, to antenatal classes and nursery furniture, amongst numerous other areas, to get involved with this opportunity.


2021 forecasts several trends; nature-inspired nurseries incorporating Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism, as well as high-tech prams, organic baby foods and online parenting consultants who are available to help new parents. The Parent and Baby Awards 2021 are important in honouring those who work hard to keep up with these changes.

The nominees of the Parent and Baby Awards are carefully judged solely on merit (as opposed to the number of nominations) by our experienced in-house research team. The successful organisations are then presented with their award and complementary marketing materials that will be valuable to their PR portfolio in publicising their win.

Achieving the Parent and Baby Awards 2021 will not only create the chance to boost your brand's publicity but will also increase your credibility. The award will help to increase your reputation and give you a competitive advantage in the parent and baby industry, which will in turn increase your number of potential customers. The award can also improve your business internally, as a visual reminder that can raise employee morale and motivation.

If you wish to participate in the Parent & Baby Awards 2021 or if you would like to propose a company or individual who you feel is deserving of a place on the shortlist this year, please use our voting form to submit a nomination.

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